Selective acreage position
TAOL has signed 3 exploration and production agreements in Guinea Bissau and Senegal
Focus on the African Atlantic Margin
The US Energy Information Administration assumes 8% of the global oil reserves in this region - tendency is rising
Technology driven
TAOL has the proprietary right to use Rex Virtual Drilling and reduce the exploration risk

We see oil in the ground.

Trace Atlantic Oil Ltd. ("TAOL") is a privately held Oil & Gas exploration company focusing on offshore assets in the African Atlantic Margin, one of the most promising underexplored regions in the world.

TAOL has the exclusive proprietary rights to use innovative exploration technologies within this region developed by Rex Technology Management Ltd, such as Rex Gravity®, Rex Seepage® and Rex Virtual drilling®. Among others, these technologies act as direct hydrocarbon indicators and have proven to substantially reduce exploration risks.

A series of major discoveries are surrounding TAOL’s present selective concessions.